Koala bears are soft, cuddly-looking, fury animals that are native to the Australian continent. In the Australian State of New South Wales, as with most other States, it is illegal for any zoo or sanctuary to allow a visitor to hold a koala. Awww come on people give the guy a break. WHY DO Japanese holidaymakers go to Australia? A scaled-back American Music Awards has taken place at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater, with only small groups from the same families in the audience... Beauty: can't remember) but had an aneurism that paralyzed my right side. The Melbourne Zoo's koala viewing area is also a highlight. There website if you want to take a look is: www.koalaparksanctuary.com.au :) Being a Sydney sider I can tell you that we take all our yank friends to koala park and they love it. This is a sensible law as it protects koalas from being stressed because a human wants to give it a hug. Differences between the … All of the koalas that are in the United States are still owned by Australia. Health: Maru Koala and Animal Park in Gippsland lets you get up close to koalas, and you can actually cuddle a koala at certain times at Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park on the Mornington Peninsula. Due to these facts I decided not to hold a koala. 1. Learn about the life of the koalas and their history on the island in the interpretative centre. International, I would like to receive the weekly newsletters, I would like to receive the daily MiNDFOOD recipe. They hunt in packs and can easily grab a roaming koala. Up to 70 percent of our immune system is centered in and around the intestines and gut, meaning protecting this part of the body is crucial to good he... Christmas Recipes: They won’t be able to hold a koala like Prince Charles and Camilla did when they visited Adelaide in 2012. it is illegal in Victoria for anyone other than a Koala's handler to hold them. We chat with a candle expert and find out how to get the most out of your candles. Why are koala exhibits so rare? Koalas smell like our cough medicines, because of the eucalyptus leaves they eat. New Zealand ... New Zealand: We've got Christmas sorted with this digital planner to take you through all the important steps to a smooth and fun-filled day. There are certain legal issues you should be aware of, if you are thinking of petting a koala. 2. There are only a few states in Australia where it is legal to hold the bear. Dont be ashamed to want to hold a koala, I dont know any non Australian who hasnt wanted to do it. There are places in Australia where you can cuddle a koala and its done safely for both the animal and the guest . Why you shouldn’t do it. This morning someone called the Rumour File to report that there is a new Victorian tourism campaign showing a retired tennis player holding a koala, which the caller believed was illegal. See our privacy policy for more information. You'll have the opportunity to get a photo with our furry friends which you can then take home to show your friends and family! While they might be meeting the koala family, the couple won’t be able to hold them. ... Décor: They look cute, but they’re not teddy bears Located only 90 minutes from Melbourne, the Koala Reserve offers fantastic koala viewing in their natural habitat. One of the top three attractions is the chance to cuddle a koala – a practice that is about to be outlawed in New South Wales. In which States is it illegal to have a koala as a pet? The only state that still allows koala cuddling is Queensland. - Answered by a verified Lawyer. She talks Seas…, © MiNDFOOD 2020. Petting still encounters the koalas space. EDIT: Holly, the Phillip Island sanctuary don't allow it, call them up and they'll confirm it. All time that an individual koala is handled is to be recorded. In the Australian State of New South Wales, as with most other States, it is illegal for any zoo or sanctuary to allow a visitor to hold a koala.. Only trained accredited rangers are allowed to hold a koala.. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Given their appealing appearance, many people wonder if they could be adopted as pets. The first day of the visit will conclude with a Reception hosted by the Governor-General at Admiralty House, to be attended by Australians from a broad range of sectors including charity and community, business and industry, arts and culture, sport and entertainment. Take care. This is a sensible law as it protects koalas from being stressed because a human wants to give it a hug. However, the moment koalas are on the ground, they are extremely vulnerable to them. 5 Interesting facts about Koala Bear. Can I hold a koala? Under the Queensland Government Code of Practice of the Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria, the following conditions are placed on all koala handling interactions within the State of Queensland:. Many scientists and rangers have noted the irreversible damaged of being held frequently and by strangers has on a koala.

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