Categories; Discussions; Sign in; Forum home › Problem solving. Thread starter pennypincher; Start date 10 Jul 2005; P. pennypincher Frequent Poster. Any advise please I want the hedge to grow about 5 feet and be thick, we've off set planted them Thank Kirsty SKU: HBH-1802-080 Category: Hedges. beech, cherry laurel, hawthorn, hornbeam, holly) will generally respond well to hard pruning if they become neglected. Beech Hedge. As long as it has always been grown as a hedge, you can take it down by up to 50%. If it is a tree there should be no need to prune it other than to shape it and you can do this at any time. Autumn is the best time because you will be able to avoid disturbing nesting birds because your hedge plants will be dormant and will lack leaves. My neighbour has advised us to cut back in June & October, but now would also be good I think, and maybe not too drastic all in one go, as your gut feeling already tells you - one golden rule is to avoid pruning hedges during birds' nesting season, so if you do the first haircut straight away you'll be safe on that count. This enhances its winter appearance and makes beech hedging suitable as a year-round hedge screen. Beech leaves turn brown in autumn but are retained for winter months. European Beech (Fagus Sylvatica) is a classic hedge choice that has been used to create beautiful hedges for thousands of years. These … They seem to be doing well, however are reaching for sunlight because they are partially overshadowed by a larger maple. In Spring give the plants a boost with a little quick release fertiser like Growmore. Privet. Deciduous hedges such as hawthorn and hazel can be trimmed between June and September. Cut off the top and one side in one winter, leaving the other side for the next winter. Janet - you are right - Beech is Fagus sylvatica. six feet. Keep in mind that pruning is a process where you are damaging the plant. Using Japanese Okatsune shears specially made for trimming hedges, Pasang is able to prune the hornbeams so they are nice and flat. This time you may be able to prune it three times during the year. When to prune. And again in early august to help produce a flush of new leaves. When would be the best time… Q. Beech Hedge - A large part of an old beech hedge was removed by mistake. In respect to this, can you cut a beech hedge in November? If the hedge has become unruly, hard pruning can be carried out in February whilst the plant is dormant, unless the weather is very cold. Pruning A Beech Hedgerow: Best Time To Prune Beech Hedge. My problem is I plant a beech hedge last Autumn, the plants are a couple of foot tall, at Christmas my dad told me to prune them back to 2 shoots to make it bush out. Some native species - hawthorn, blackthorn and holly have been planted in between but these do not seem to be prospering. The secret to raising big, beautiful, bushy hedges is knowing when to prune them, says Monty Don. This means that it is best to prune at the beginning of spring, just before the first shoots occur. get side shoots to grow in order to thicken it. It is also possible to trim one side one year and leave the other side until the following year. This clipping keep By Monty Don for MailOnline Updated: 17:00 EST, 21 August 2009 When to Prune a Beech Tree. Beech hedge trimming is carried out in early June to keep the hedge bushy. If you are making drastic changes, feed and mulch in the spring, then cut one side the following winter. This time, instead of cutting just the top growth, cut on the side shoots. On the hornbeam, the leaves are actually smaller and more deeply furrowed than beech leaves. Laurel Hedge. Repeat the pruning process again. Hedges grown only for their foliage aren't usually as picky about pruning time. Prune your Beech hedge in late Summer or early Autumn, to ensure brown leaves remain on your hedge providing Winter coverage. But cut beech and hornbeam no later than mid-July if you want to enjoy the persistent winter leaves, as the resulting new growth needs time to get established. We planted a row of 7 beech hedges, 7 years ago. Remember to keep a young Beech hedge well watered in its formative years. They become golden yellow to orange before falling in autumn. Evergreen hedges, such as boxwood (Buxus spp. Advertisement. Q. Beech Hedge Cutting - I have a beech hedge running along one of my boundaries. We’ve cut one side of our beech hedge back very hard in order to renovate it (bit late, but it’s been SO COLD and we checked for birds nests), and are wondering how to give it the best chance of rejuvenation. Expert insight into the best time to prune a beech tree; why beech tree pruning is important, and how to identify common beech tree diseases. We have a long beech hedge too. Of course we would like them to grow together more like a privacy screen. It is a sturdy plant that can be shaped into medium height hedges – 6 to 9 feet – within a few years and is hardy enough to survive moderate climates. It is recommended that if you are looking to give your established Beech hedge a hard cut-back, that this is best done in February time so that it has the growing season of both Spring and Summertime to repair. The Basics: Year 0 Winter Planting of Bareroot Beech: Immediately after planting your beech hedge, trim off the leaf buds that are on the end of every stem, all over the plant, top and sides. If the hedge has become unruly, hard pruning can be carried out in February whilst the plant is dormant, unless the weather is very cold. Someone mentioned that it needs cutting back in order to thicken or 'stool' it i.e. Pruning tasks should begin at the time of transplanting and then perform annual maintenance pruning. Your beech hedge will look tidier and grow thicker if you prune the plant in the end of summer or early autumn. These will decorate the hedge throughout winter. This Beech hedge is approximately two and a half years old and approx.2ft 6 inches high. Size: Clear: Beech Hedges quantity. When can you prune a beech hedge? Prune your Beech hedge in late Summer or early Autumn, to ensure brown leaves remain on your hedge providing Winter coverage. 10 Jul 2005 #1 Can anyone help me I have a beech hedge that was only planted last october/november and I'm wondering do I need to prune it in the first year and if so when?I read somewhere about pruning it in July but that's the middle of the summer,which seems … High quality and extremely fresh, our beech hedging is the ideal fencing solution for your garden or outdoor space. This watering can be made easy if you take the time to set up a drip irrigation pipe when planting. This will encourage more growth, and more stems to form on the sides of the beech tree. After this, the trimming will be done on a biennial basis to increase the hedge's environmental value. Beech hedge is quite slow-growing, and although it can reach heights in excess of 12 metres in height, it would take several decades to achieve such extremes. What Colour Is A Beech Hedge? It is this pruning that keeps the branch growth "juvenile" and therefore the leaves do not drop in winter. Beech hedge plants can form dense hedges that are easily maintained and only need pruning once annually. The first 2 years are crucial for a good hedge to develop so in weeks of little rainfall you really must water it. Pruning of beech hedges isn’t really necessary, however, if there’re any odd branches you’d like to prune, do it in the winter when the tree is dormant. If you are wanting to keep the leaves over Winter, best to prune the hedge when dormant i.e. On my neighbor's side, it is only about 0.… Q. Beech Hedge Pruning - How long does it take a beech hedge to back bud after heavy pruning? When the tree is intended to be part of a hedge, the best time to prune it is in mid-June. Why and when to prune hedges. Feeding a hard-pruned beech hedge - help! Don’t be afraid to cut the hedge back fairly hard as this will help it grow thick and dense. Tackle any major pruning as the plants go dormant and don’t prune in very dry weather. You may repeat the process for a third year, but you don’t have to. Slow-growing hedges (like Emerald Green Arborvitae) may only need a trim once every 2-3 years, while fast-growing hedges (like Green Giant Arborvitae or laurels) may need 2 trims per year, especially if they are intended to be a compact, formal hedge. Beech hedge plants are a favourite in UK gardens and are one of the UK’s most well-known hedging varieties. Messages 396. In the second year of growth and beyond, annual hedge trimming should begin.Frequency and intensity will depend on the hedge type. Sophie.e.solly Posts: 12. Do this is mid-winter for deciduous hedges and in spring for evergreens. before March. When to Prune Beech Hedge. Add to cart. Prune the beech hedge again during the second year. By year ten, the hedge will have reached its final height of approx. Just been out to do this and it looks like a lot to cut off. A well-maintained hedge provides a good, smart boundary to a garden, but if left unchecked, a hedge can soon lose its shape and end up casting unwanted shade. Your hedge will be fine. They are currently about 7-8 feet tall, which is a little taller than we would like. Toggle navigation. Just be sure to do it in December/January when you have a frost free window of at least 48 hours. Prune your hedge every year. The hedge is shaped in an 'A' and as the hedge is still young, two passes will achieve this. Generally, these hedges are best trimmed right before they break dormancy in late winter or early spring. Looking up, the new growth can be seen growing wildly above the trimmed lower section. Overgrown broadleaf hedges (e.g. Beech hedges are usually maintenance pruned in September getting a little re growth before winter when it can be formative pruned into shape. The first hedge we will consider is the Beech Hedge. 3.2 How to prune. Hope Grove Nurseries grow both green beech hedging and purple beech hedges in a massive range of sizes. If you mean a beech hedge then August in the Northern Hemispere is best. ), hardy in USDA zones 6 through 8, require cutting back for size and shape in early to mid spring. Cutting Back Young Beech Hedge Plants . The best time to prune a beech tree depends on the stage of maturity the tree is at and the desired end use of the tree.

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