My answer to the end goal question is what I will define as “economic dignity.”. RV usually differentiates itself with second-level thinking. human rights = "communism" To read the complete article and check out others, please click here. Let's keep the bar high. spending programs without figuring out the dull, demanding work on what to scale back. Yet the extent of such provisions must be seen as evolving. They had jobs and places to live a few months ago. Pillar One: The capacity to care for family and experience its greatest joys. economic dignity remains to be a widely entrenched principle in international law . That is enough to show what intellegent people think of this leftist propoganda. This essay seeks to go beyond those invocations. Yes, but it’s troubling (at least to me) how many of the thumbs down/critical comments stem solely from disagreement with Sperling, as opposed to the quality of the interview. It's a well known fact that Biden's main choice for V.P. I'm really tired or lazy and biased analysis that I can refute with 2 minutes of Googling... You need to chill. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To Michael B. Long may they reject reality for our economic and environmental gain. Trump Bad. Pillar Two: Pursuit of potential and purpose. Sorry if this is news to you. Economic development also refers to the process by which the overall health, well-being, and academic level the general population improves. Here is a brief excerpt from an article by Gene Sperling for Democracy (A Journal of Ideas). As Martha Nussbaum writes, “The notion of dignity is closely related to the idea of active striving.” Across the American political landscape, we praise the distinctive ideal that the accident of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life; that regardless of race, religion, or economic station—everyone should have the ability to pursue his or her potential. The word "dignity" should be struck form our vocabulary when referring to economic losers. and in many constitutional traditions of states worldwide, the question remains how . And, am wasting more of my time responding. There’s a reason why Real Vision talks about politics and it has nothing to do with any political agenda. If you ignore the implications of political pressures you would’ve been blindsided by these factors. I think I gave to the Stupid People’s Foundation at the office. Interesting. An economic dignity compact must ensure that those who do their part are able to care and provide opportunity for family—and enjoy the greatest, most incalculable joys that come with that role. I watched when the thumbs up and down were 7 for both so that alone was a good warning of what was to come. Is this Realvision or CNN ? I appreciate Real Vision provides content that helps me challenge my assumptions. He chose and fought to be POTUS for the people of the U.S. Gold, BTC! For those who believe in capitalism, understand America is no longer capitalistic. The system doesn't work for a lot of people. Inflation, slow growth and impossible to pay off debt burden, UBI, MMT are all coming. The women of Concerta identified being a woman and living in a rural area as primary barriers to achieving economic autonomy. I watched to the end, and went in hoping to really appreciate this level of interview. The ICRC defines economic security as the ability of individuals, households or communities to cover their essential needs sustainably and with dignity. It is economic Darwinism. The price of money, the bond market, the credit market and the stock market is all manipulated. I did see some images where Harris was in the foreground & in one interview she said the Harris-Biden admin. The right's rejection of this scientific reality has been free alpha for me for the past number of years. In other words, the process by which countries with low living standards become nations with high living standards. Economic dignity: Economic dignity deals with the dimensions of a person’s dignity that are linked to their economic context. All the world's great religious and moral traditions, philosophers, and revolutionaries, recognize that human beings deserve to live in freedom, justice, dignity and economic security. All economic life should be shaped by moral principles. All human beings, therefore, are ends to be served by the institutions that make up the economy, not means to … As a young nation when a neighbor's barn burned down you helped to build a new barn. If you havent watched this yet, heres the synopsis: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thank you both. Equitable access to economic resources is a right that each citizen should be able to exercise, as opposed to being a luxury reserved for a few, who by accident of birth, enjoy privilege. Really though, I'm not a republican, or a democrat, but I am paying hard earned money for the content RV creates. It is embraced until it is your cookie that is crumbling. The Church, therefore, calls for Integral Human Development, which concerns the wellbeing of each person in every dimension: economic, political, social, ecological, and spiritual. Economic autonomy empowers women in all areas of their lives, and it enables them to live with dignity. Gene Sperling, former National Economic Council director and author of "Economic Dignity," discusses the three pillars of economic dignity. My dad was a communist and I believed the stuff till my first job when I worked with a Russian woman who told me the realities of the Soviet system. His comments on taking the high road on dignity would have more weight had he not been involved in the conflict-of-interest scandal of receiving an unsecured, below market-rate loan from Howard Shapiro while serving in the Obama administration, Do as I say, not as I do. Economic Dignity is all of those things on a topic as encompassing and defining as the economy." What Gene Sperling misses is that if you don't like the conditions of your job, you can always leave and join a competitor. Economic development is the process by which emerging economies become advanced economies. People forget that the true problem of communism is centralized power and control. As for Harris, should she step into the presidency, which given Biden's age and physical condition, is not such a far-fetched possibility, has never run a corporation, been a mayor of a city, been a governor of a state, or run any major conglomerate organization, so how will she run the largest economy in the world and become a better world leader than Trump or Pence? Doesn't mean RV shouldn't keep having interviews like this. It is rather one policymakers’ attempt to go out of the comfort zone of numbers to delve into this larger question. Instead we fall back on it does not matter right now and besides, rates are low. Plus, while the US needs a better social safety net, I agree with Cooperman, decide how large we want the US government to be and then live within its means. Over the years, I have found myself stepping outside of the normal metrics that define our national economic dialogue to ask myself: What would a person on his or her death bed say mattered most in his or her economic life? As for Trump, I wish he would stop boasting so much and stop taking all the credit for anything and everything for himself. It is fairly predictable that there are more thumbs down here than thumbs up. If you dont understand that, I recommend asking yourself why you feel so targeted since you are so clearly smart. was National Economic Adviser and Director of the National Economic Council for both President Obama (2011-2014) and President Clinton (1997-2001). I think we have to accept the fact that there are some people who don’t want to do anything ever. Sad. @Todd W. - "Maybe theres a balance and everyone doesnt need to micro explain every point." That is the worst! To read the complete article and check out others, please click here. What I'm saying is that this is Real Vision, that we all pay for information, and that this dribble is in no way informative to this group of people. An economic dignity framework, however, would still weigh the benefits of lower prices for workers trying to care for family, but as part of a full consideration of economic dignity, not as a rigid consumer welfare test. Why take care of stupid people? If you have done nothing but read the titles of RV videos, you have acquired more information than this video gave. It was then and is still now after reading 100s of book, by far the most destitute and depressing story I have ever encountered. (spit). It will "turning left" as a result of blowback in the sense of blowback that Chalmers Johnson wrote a book about. We believe the purpose of work should be to support a healthy and thriving life, family, and community. economics, politics,government– directly affects human dignity and the common good.Social workers promote the general welfare and development of individuals, families and communities. Sperling argues that COVID-19 has only exacerbated inequalities that … "If people do their part, they should have economic dignity"...Agreed. Economic Dignity is all of those things on a topic as encompassing and defining as the economy.” —Ai-jen Poo, Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance “Economic Dignity points us beyond our fixation on GDP to the ends economic policy should serve—promoting the dignity of work and the well-being of families and communities. We must not lose sight of what economic policy is all about: allowing people to lead dignified lives. Dignity is the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically. * * * We must not lose sight of what economic policy is all about: allowing people to lead dignified lives. Seems I'm not alone. Otherwise, we end up with “more more more”; i.e., big (permanent?) On financial planning, it continues to tell me that if Trump is re-elected we can expect more spending like a drunken sailor, If the Democrats have a sweep then we can expect higher taxes and spending like two drunken sailors. Didn't see you for a while, and I was a bit worried if you departed from RV. First-level thinking: What *ought* to be and why, given my political bias, which might be right or wrong. ← HBR Guide to Thinking Strategically: A book review by Bob Morris, 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Design Team →. We see this painfully illustrated in the rise of so-called “deaths of despair” from addiction and suicide. Fairness in all trade dealings, from buying fast-food to conglomerates transactions. Economic dignity, Sperling maintains, can be seen as resting on three pillars. There is no shortage of usages of the word “dignity”—from showing grace under difficult circumstances (“He handled the rebuke with great dignity.”), to the basic respect all people are due by virtue of their common humanity recognized in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to the respect for autonomy of the individual that Supreme Court justices from William Brennan, Jr. to Anthony Kennedy have found embedded in the core of the Constitution. For those who happen to work in the wrong industry at the wrong time, whose factories close and communities wither, who struggle with disability or long-term unemployment, or who at some point engage with our criminal justice system, the American promise of limitless potential and second chances feels distant. A person’s race, gender, or lack of labor market power could no longer be used to deny her the basic respect, autonomy, and agency she should possess by virtue of her effort and humanity. Hallelujah! Now, they are just surplus capital. That is crony capitalism! Beware! Terrible interview. Economic dignity means providing people with the capacity to care for family, pursue their potential and a sense of purpose, and contribute economically free from domination and humiliation. Some of … Sad on the rating but I dont believe I have ever seen almost double thumbs down compared to approval of any video in RealVisions entire history. I have a family member who is a teacher and no matter how much she "lowers the bar", no matter how simple she makes a task or assignment to accomplish, there is just a certain amount of capable individuals who just simply refuse to do it. Please have Chris Arnade on instead. I have never heard these two words used together. I'm not saying anything he says isn't true. People who can't have a reasoned disagreement without trashing the other person intellect or integrity. - It's a huge problem that I call him out on hard data and you can't refute my points but attack me, a subscriber... Perhaps I missed it, but Mr. Sperling points out the obviously well known problems, but never gives a solution to the problems, and this is the main problem with Democratic candidates by in large. -- Ai-jen Poo, Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance " Economic Dignity points us beyond our fixation on GDP to the ends economic policy should serve--promoting the dignity of work and the well-being of families and communities. If we lose that, democracy is in the trash can. The winners don't usually like it when you change the rules of the game. If you understand this, and see the impetus this will create, you can make a lot of money in the stock market over the next decade. Yes, economic dignity for all is a possibility if we are willing to look in that direction. Buy my book. While they were not components of FDR’s Second Bill of Rights, support for child and elderly care and paid family leave should today be seen as essential to this first pillar—an ability for workers to bond with a new child or care for an elderly parent lies at the heart of economic dignity. They reiterate their hatred for Trump and talk about the problems which exist, they never give their solutions to the problems. Beyond that, we celebrate second and third chances regardless of accidents of the economy, chance, and even personal error. "We should have a system that allows for second and third chances"...Agreed. So if you are getting angry at this interview, you will miss the hard left turn that America will be taking. The International Bill of Rights grew out of these traditions, and calls for all governments to make sure their citizens have human rights—civil, political, social, cultural and economic. Given the opportunity of a job, they don't show up. No one wins when social unrest expands to crisis. Like values such as freedom or liberty, economic dignity is a concept that brings with it great intuitive power, but usually lacks a rigorous definition. The RV audience is certainly not ignorant, so I can’t understand why so many here don’t seem to realize that the “system” hasn’t worked for the majority for decades. We have to deal with the huge inequality in the society whether we are winners or losers under the present system. I understand he had to do that in business to get loans/projects funded, but now, he is the POTUS and not Donald Trump. Warren Buffet has not missed this. It seeks neither to explore highly technical issues of economic measurement nor sort out competing theories of social justice. Lost me in the first 3 minutes. Food, basic shelter, clothing and hygiene qualify as essential needs, as does the related expenditure; the … That is the question that guides this essay. Dick Cheney, Republican war criminal was the one that said "deficits don't matter", just to be clear. Economic Dignity Britain's Leading Independent Book Distributor. If you found anything he has said to be profound, then you're the one who hasn't been paying attention to the world around you. Maybe he's right." I'll presume that because the interviewer starts off saying, and I'm paraphrasing, that "masks save lives, but we could neither wear masks nor save lives in this country" you think the interview sucks. April 29, 2019. Economic Dignity. This can vary according to an individual's physical needs, the environment and prevailing cultural standards. And yet, while there is deep truth to the saying that “The best things in life are free,” the reality is that economic deprivation, discrimination, flaws in market rules, and gaping holes in the safety net deny tens of millions of Americans these familial joys. Economic choices and institutions must be judged by how they protect or undermine the life and dignity of the human person, support the family and serve the common good. It has the worst kind of crony capitalism. As a foreigner I see the Democrats as radical socialists now. What the Pandemic Revealed About Our Economy, Probability of Major Policy Changes Going Forward, Government Training Programs: "The Trust Gap". Economic Dignity Over our 45-year history, Faith in Action federations have engaged in successful federal, state and local ballot and legislative campaigns to address the many manifestations of what Pope Francis calls the “economy of exclusion”. Biden Good. Kick the can down the road. It is of significance in morality, ethics, law and politics as an extension of the Enlightenment-era concepts of inherent, inalienable rights.The term may also be used to describe personal conduct, as in "behaving with dignity". Such a tough electoral choice, even more so than in 2016, speaking for myself personally. Just listen, process later. Capitalize the gains and socialize the losses! Climate change is a scientific imperative for quality renewable companies to grow exponentially. All human beings, therefore, are ends to be served by the institutions that make up the economy, not means to … Maybe you are right. Former Vice President Joe Biden has, for decades, talked eloquently about the idea that a job is never about just a paycheck, but “your dignity,” while Senator Sherrod Brown frames many of his policies as promoting the “dignity of work”—as do job guarantee advocates like professor Darrick Hamilton. I just read that most Indian Americans will vote for Harris/Biden, which is expected and I have nothing against; I'm just saying don't act like one is not racist when simply voting for one's own race instead of voting based upon capabilities for the actual job at hand. That's true, policies are turning left. Economic dignity seeks to restore compassion in all polished-table boardrooms. The dignity of the human person, realized in community with others, is the criterion against which all aspects of economic life must be measured. Referring to economic, social and cultural issues as "rights" uses the legal framework developed under international law, and gives i… He wrote "Dignity, looking for respect in back row America", and would have added much more to the conversation than this one. Reality is that is simply not true. While complete economic equality will always be an unrealistic goal, what is both achievable and morally compelling is to protect the most natural equality: that while high income can make life easier, the greatest joys in life—the birth of one’s children, the companionship of a loving partner, the love of family and friends, and the fulfillment that comes from caring for and providing opportunity to these loved ones—must be available to all. I assume you believe yourself to be the genius you are but this channel is about other opinions not becoming a political. He went long gold and Japanese commodity traders! was Governor Whitmer to get the female vote, but he had to reconsider for Harris when his poles were weakening and decided on Harris to get the additional black/hispanic minority vote. Not the stuff I expect from Real Vision. Whether you agree or not, a hard left turn is coming. Currency markets are the only ones that are still “free”. I auto-downvote first level thinkers like this, because I can get enough first-level thinking from partisan media networks. Main take away: don't come here expecting compassion and empathy. To me, this is bigotry and prejudice at its highest level. Here is a direct link to the complete article. It seeks to lay out three essential, interlocking pillars that define economic dignity and argue that it should be the singular end goal for economic policy and basis for policy prioritization. Satisfaction of this first pillar no doubt means at least achieving affordable health security for all, a more secure retirement, and a dignified wage. Why did you even write the words "progressive propaganda" together. As even a Republican President like George W. Bush has recognized, we idealize the United States as “the land of second chances.” In the early 1800s, the United States was unique in its commitment to end debtors’ prisons and define the need for early bankruptcy laws not just to prevent creditor-rushes, but also to give the debtor “a fresh start”—a chance to still contribute, pursue potential, and find purpose.

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