Tom Taylor wrote the entire run, with art from David Lopez, Marcio Takara, Ig Guara and Leonard Kirk, among others. Warning: SPOILERS for Return of Wolverine #5. The Boys' Version of Stan Lee Was Too Disrespectful For The Show, Marvel's Stupidest Rivalry is Going To Kill The Entire Planet, Spider-Man & Captain America’s Civil War Fight Was Way Darker In Comics, The New Superman Family Revealed, 1,000 Years in The Future, Galactus’ Greatest Secret Was Just Revealed By Marvel, Who Is Marvel's Galactus? In the wake of his death, many characters vied to take up his mantle. Here's how Marvel built up to Wolverine's final moments, what the most important issues to read tying into the event itself are and its impact on the X-Men and the wider Marvel Universe. “Wolverine’s body has been missing. This is something that fans have been waiting for since Marvel killed Wolverine a few years ago. He would eventually be dismissed from the Avengers and leave the school. Related: Logan's Wolverine and Charles Xavier Join Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series. Wolverine died by losing his healing factor, deciding to do nothing about it, and stopping his creator from making more weapons like him before being encased fully in adamantium. This is the final story in a trilogy that started with Death of Wolverine and Hunt for Wolverine. Related Articles Around the Web RETURN OF WOLVERINE Launch Trailer - … He’s Back, Bub. It gave him a death that stuck for four years, an eternity for a character like Wolverine to stay out of circulation. Read reviews and discussion of Return of Wolverine #2 from Charles Soule and Declan Shalvey, published by Marvel Comics Upon returning fire on the sniper, the masked soldier is revealed to be White Sky's Omega Red clone who shoots out the front tire of Wolverine's motorcycle. It featured the final confrontation between the weakened Wolverine and Sabretooth. Spider-Man and Wolverine Went to... the Happiest Place On Earth?! He came back with some wild new powers that didn't stick. The problem with taking any of this, from Wolverine's "death" to his return, with any degree of seriousness is that comics are a lot like professional wrestling when it comes to this sort of stuff. After Persephone brings Logan up to her space station and reveals her master plan in this issue, Logan tears through the base in an epic display of claw-slashing action that pushes his healing … Two years after Wolverine/Logan (Hugh Jackman) has taken care of said ninjas, a giant semi-robotic samurai, and the foul-mouthed, green-leotarded … From here on out, it's SPOILERS aplenty. He'll take part in the "X of Swords" crossover, where he'll get a new arch enemy. Screen Rant Editor Andrew Dyce was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Wolverine died back in 2014 , and while being encased in liquid adamantium seemed permanent at the time, this summer has been a slow build up to his eventual return. He took the doctor with him. Director: James Mangold | Stars: Hugh Jackman, Will Yun Lee, Tao Okamoto, Rila Fukushima. Return of Wolverine #1 Marvel Comics Covers Old Man Logan gave fans a more traditional Wolverine figure, with an even darker backstory than his younger counterpart. After an absence of five entire years, James “Logan” Howlett, the Wolverine, is back in action. He's been in the thick of Jonathan Hickman's X-Men reboot, which has made the threat of mutant death obsolete. Logan's Wolverine and Charles Xavier Join Hasbro's Marvel Legends Series, Legion Of Super-Heroes Hints at a DC Hero's Future Legacy, Savage Dragon: How the Long-Awaited Fight With Overlord Came to a Shocking End. If you're looking for a companion volume to Death, the entirety of Wolverine Volume 6 was collected as the Death of Wolverine Prelude: Three Months To Die trade paperback. For many, this is considered his greatest battle ever. This September Marvel Comics will publish The Return of Wolverine, a new five-issue miniseries by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven. And in this issue, Wolverine finally comes … We will gladly accept your return of UNWORN merchandise within 30 days from the date of purchase. Wolverine has finally made his official return from the dead and back into Marvel Comics... but he's not the hero he used to be. Now that Marvel has explained every step of his return from the dead, we'll let fans decide if it lived up to the suspense. His death mainly served to allow other characters a bit of the spotlight while fans were given a chance to miss him for once. Whether or not it was all part of a trap to lure Wolverine off the planet Earth and into space (don't worry, we'll get there), the facts were more right than misleading. Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #6 Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy #7 We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Browse the Marvel comic series Return of Wolverine (2018 - 2019). Related: X of Swords: The X-Men's New Foes Have the Perfect Anti-Wolverine Weapon. Thrown from the wreck and hitting his head on a rock, he eventually loses consciousness and dreams about Soteira's leader Persephone who guides him through a prison block of incarcerated past memories of himself, enemies, and comrades. The standout is Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America, a one-shot by Gerry Duggan and Scott Kollins. The unlikely friends teamed up to keep their old comrade's DNA from falling into the wrong hands. Keep Reading: X-Men: Wolverine Vs X-23: Who Would Win? The series gives readers context for what led to Wolverine's final adventure. And how has this chilling experience changed him? Batman: Why Are Gotham's Cops All Corrupt? Exchanges are always free— complete the fields below and follow the instructions to receive return/exchange documentation and a shipping label. The series greatest contribution to the Marvel Universe might be the introduction of her clone sister Gabby, who took on the codename Honey Badger and became popular with fans and other Marvel characters alike. Multiple mini-series and one-shots spun out of Wolverine's death. Return of Wolverine #1 (Unknown Comics ""Virgin"" Edition) Guide Watch. Wolverine vol. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. As a graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in English Literature, Andrew has grown to appreciate the story and writing behind everything from blockbuster comic book movies to schlocky B-movie action. Hugh Jackman still has on interest in returning as Wolverine (Image by 20th Century Fox) Hugh Jackman still has no plans to return as Wolverine, despite the fact that, after Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox, the X-Men are set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the very near future The Logan who's been featured in Return of Wolverine is not the one who's been appearing in books like Avengers, Thor and Infinity Countdown. It truly was that body that was restored to life, and that earthly grave that Logan crawled out of to begin his return. Wolverine died stopping Cornelius, his body encased in adamantium. Cornelius wanted to recreate the process that created Wolverine but lacked his healing factor. Why? You can’t say that Wolverine didn’t have a good run. It also features a Wolverine/Jubilee team-up story, allowing Logan to say farewell to one of his many former teen sidekicks. After months of build up that include lead-in mini-series under the Hunt For Wolverine title it is time for the original Wolverine, Logan, to return. The death of Wolverine wasn't easy for Marvel Comic fans to watch, but they can officially celebrate his return from the grave, now that Return of Wolverine has confirmed this living Logan to be the one fans lost... and just who brought him back to life. After being reintroduced in a Secret Wars tie-in by Brian Michael Bendis and Andrea Sorrentino, he found himself stranded in the modern Marvel Universe. Wolverine returned 2018's Return of Wolverine by Soule, McNiven, and Declan Shalvey. Oh, and without any memories of his life as Logan or the Wolverine whatsoever. Warning: SPOILERS for Return of Wolverine #5 The death of Wolverine wasn't easy for Marvel Comic fans to watch, but they can officially celebrate his return from the grave, now that Return of Wolverine has confirmed this living Logan to be the one fans lost... and just who brought him back to life.. Over the course of the series, she grew into the role as the new Wolverine. Charles Soule rounds out his Wolverine trilogy (which started with Death of Wolverine and continued with Hunt for Wolverine) with the Return of Wolverine #1, joined by the artist that helped plot the demise of Logan, Steve McNiven. Pre-2012: Wolverine could have been recast for X-Men: Days of Future Past 20th Century Fox Matthew Vaughn was originally in line to come back for a second film after X-Men: First Class . To be fair, so is Logan himself: regaining consciousness in a laboratory filled with dead soldiers, blood covering his hands, and his adamantium claws glowing white hot. As fans witnessed in that series, Wolverine ended a lifetime of villainous attempts to recreate his powers, covering himself in liquid-hot adamantium. However they explain Xavier’s return, they might want to make sure it can’t be re-used too easily. Ad The final thing The Wolverine ‘s post-credits sequence tells us concerns Wolverine himself. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Robert Curran lives in Deep South Texas. As a mutant with power over the dead, it was Persephone who brought Wolverine back to life... although that's not at all what she intended. But in the final issue of Return of Wolverine, the answers are finally here. Logan was dead. those questions without any sign of a simple yes or no answer. The X-Men let the world (and their enemies) think that Logan's statue was also his corpse... but Kitty Pryde used her powers of intangibility to remove Wolverine's body to be privately buried it. Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them! Not yet, anyway, since his memories haven't returned with him. The unbreakable liquid metal cooled, encasing him in a solid coffin, presumably smothering his cells to the point of death (a death not even his healing factor could resist). Featured Characters: Wolverine (Logan) (Main story and flashback) Supporting Characters: Dr. Bernard Delacroix (Only appearance; dies)1 Ana (First appearance) Antagonists: Soteira Zagreus (First appearance) (Unnamed) Unidentified Killteam member Omega Red Persephone (Psychic projection) Numerous unnamed members Other Characters: Kitty Pryde (Recap) Perren (First appearance) God … Wolverine May Have Committed the Most Repulsive Murder in Marvel History, The Death of Wolverine: A Complete Guide to Logan's Last Stand, X of Swords: The X-Men's New Foes Have the Perfect Anti-Wolverine Weapon. Get the RETURN OF WOLVERINE #1 Free. After kicking around the wider Marvel Universe for a bit, Wolverine rejoined the X-Men. He spent five years in the trenches of his local comic book shop. That confirmation that it was Wolverine's original body and mind returning has now been confirmed, but fans were meant to be at a total loss at what was taking place when Return of Wolverine #1 begins. How? RELATED: Wolverine Returns to Marvel With an Infinity Stone. Comic Book Origins And Powers Explained, The Daughter of the Hulk Has the Opposite Version of His Power, The X-Men Just Stole A Hilarious Kingsman Moment, One Comic Page Changed The Origins of The Punisher, Iron Man And The Thing, WandaVision Can't Show Vision and Scarlet Witch's Most Awkward Moment, Heavy Metal Revives Iconic Heroine 'Taarna' For New Psychedelic Comic. What happened six years ago when the most famous X-Men of all time was killed? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Collects Return of Wolverine #1-5.He’s back! Agents of SHIELD's Quake Has The Hottest Trick Shot, TMNT: The Marvel and DC Heroes That Inspired The Turtles, How Hawkeye Lost His Hearing (And Got It Back). Verdict. In the Hunt for Wolverine, Soul shows us that being encased in adamantium can be easily remedied. On September 19, McNiven and writer Charles Soule reunite to usher Logan back into the Marvel Universe with Return of Wolverine #1. More than a year of comics teased out (delayed?) Wolverine’s return from death was in the cards since … But now, suddenly, he’s alive! Votes: 426,168 | Gross: $132.56M Incredible Hulk 340 - Wolverine vs Gray Hulk. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Moon Knight Is Marvel’s Batman, But Is He Stronger? If there's one X-Men everybody loves, it's Wolverine. There are a lot of speculations regarding Wolverine after his death in Logan. After kicking around the wider Marvel Universe for a bit, Wolverine rejoined the X-Men. Wolverine would struggle through his time without a healing factor, trying to maintain his membership in the Avengers and his role as headmaster of the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Slowly but surely, the details began to trickle in. He came back with some wild new powers that didn't stick . Among the many characters who vied for the role, two characters filled the void created by his absence. At the end of the weekly Wolverines series, X-23 took on the Wolverine codename and a version of his costume. How a DC Civil War Started Over... Tweety Bird?!? While he was still highly-suggestible and easily manipulated, Wolverine began having flashes of his old memories and personas as his mind tried to mend itself throughout previous issues of Return of Wolverine. Wolverine comes to Japan to meet an old friend whose life he saved years ago, and gets embroiled in a conspiracy involving yakuza and mutants. When the adamantium 'Wolverine statue' was torn open as part of the Hunt For Wolverine mystery, the truth of Logan's burial was revealed. Spoilers ahead. Logan was part of an experiment led by the mysterious Persephone, leader of a sinister, slippery, and seemingly cult-like group living off the grid. His work has appeared in WWE Magazine (when WWE had a magazine), Comics Should Be Good, and Inside Pulse. 3, #57 reveals that when Wolverine is injured so seriously that his body actually dies before his healing factor can repair the damage, he returns to life by fighting with Azrael, the Angel of Death, while trapped in Purgatory because Wolverine defeated Azrael in real-world combat during World War I. Return of Wolverine writer Charles Soule reveals what he has planned for the iconic X-Man after Return of Wolverine wraps. Wolverine returned 2018's Return of Wolverine by Soule, McNiven, and Declan Shalvey. 2018 1 Sales 9.8 FMV $22 Return of Wolverine #1 (Granov Variant Cover A) Guide Watch. 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The series, written by Charles Soule with art by Steve McNiven, Jay Leisten and others, lived up to its title. Related: Spider-Man and Wolverine Went to... the Happiest Place On Earth?! Persephone would turn out to be the one leading Wolverine to her doorstep for revenge, but her powers are far greater than just deception. On the trail of a bounty on him, Wolverine ultimately discovers it was Doctor Cornelius, who was part of the Weapon X project that gave him his adamantium skeleton. Wolverine looks for survivors and comes across Sabertooth. This article is a work in progress, if you know of any covers missing from the checklist please let us know in the comments.

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