Equally, if you have a family member or friend looking after the house, let your neighbours know so they don’t think it’s a burglar and call the police on them. For instance, some councils give fully-furnished second homes a 50% tax discount, and most uninhabitable properties will be untaxed. ... Watch our helpful video of 9 tips to protect your empty home Get a quote! This is an empty house with bare minimum furniture so didn't have to worry about loss of valuables, This is an empty house with bare minimum furniture so didn't have to worry about loss of valuables, 5) Put the broadband connection in safe custody. Make sure you’re not drawing attention to the fact your home is unoccupied: There’s debate as to what the best course of action is with curtains. On top of taxes, insurance is another empty property expense that has to be paid. If you have plans to leave your home for an extended period of time, you must close your house properly before you leave. Our advice would be: It also could be worth considering having lights on a timer. A TV can be a good deterrent and so can the odd lamp, but everything else should … Enlist a friend or trusted neighbor or hire a property maintenance company to frequently check on … You only normally get cover if your home is empty for up to 60 days – and if anything happens outside this period you won’t be covered. What does it mean and involve? My dilemma is that I have a brand new house that I bought about a year ago. This list is part common sense and part tips scraped from other web sites. Put caps sink or block their drainage holes using some bowl or something similar. If there’s a time during the year where your property is left unoccupied for a period of time, it’s a good idea to ask a family member, friend or neighbour to check on things and make sure everything’s okay. This can be checked on the FCA’s register by checking the FCA website at www.fca.org.uk/register or by contacting them on 0800 111 6768. If you can do this you are more likely to sell quicker and for a higher value. I live in Atlanta so the temperature will go from humid and hot to somewhat cold while I am away. Closed curtains are a complete giveaway that your house in not being lived in. It’s a good idea to redirect post if you are going to be away from your property for a long while. With the rise of the internet come advancements in smart home technology. Tips for Leaving Your Home Unoccupied Whilst You're Away. Switch off the fridge a day before and clean it, Disconnect the gas cylinder and seal it shut, Throw away all the trash, especially wet waste, Remove all batteries from things like TV remote, flashlights and clocks, Don't like moth balls, so sprinkle Turmeric powder in the kitchen and camphor in other places. Check the exemptions carefully before you make your decision. Most realtors will visit a house to “air it out” before showing it off, and with good reason: nothing drives prospective tenants or home buyers away from a property quite like a foul odour. But whenever we are going to use it, we send a trusted help 2 days in advance. Leave the utilities on. This can be reduced significantly by simply turning the water off. Don't tell everyone you're on holiday. Same for bathtub drain and all similar water drain holes around the home. Use lamps that are on a timer, but make sure that the lamp can not be viewed from a window. Coronavirus help and support for our insurance customers. … This one seems a bit … Empty properties are most likely to lack routine maintenance as they may not be close to the owner’s home or business and the regular maintenance checks may not flag up any particular … If you have exposed balconies, then ensure (human beings for now, I don't see any foolproof technology yet) that the drainage is not blocked and stay that way during your absence. From Fincabia we want to give you some little tips so you do not leave anything to chance the day before going on vacation and take a few days of relaxation. Be smart with lighting. This is a marketing article by Towergate Insurance. Makes a huge difference. You could damage wall structure and household items if the inside is too hot and humid. Beware of leaving your house too warm if you decide to shut off the air conditioner completely. How to Heat Your Empty House: Homeowners Clinic. Arrange for a nominated friend or neighbour to visit the property every week, collecting post from … Never leave spare keys hidden outside the house, if a burglar uses them, your policy may be void. The exterior of the house is the most visible area, anyone and everyone will notice signs you’re not around. ... After searching for home insurance for an unoccupied house I found out about Home Protect. Turn your water off If you are leaving your home unoccupied then turn off the water supply at the main stopcock. Have a second home or holiday home? [list]Remove all batteries from things like TV remote, My Noida home was locked away for over 2-years! 4. The best way to sell a home is to make someone fall in love with it. What is an unoccupied property? Some companies allow you to take out cover over three, six or nine months rather than the usual 12, so you'd be able to cover your home while selling it or while waiting for new tenants to move in. This is seeking guidelines on measures to take: (a) If You are delivered paper or milk or that sort of essentials every day, don't tell them You are going out of town. Activate your alarm whenever you leave your home, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Don’t tell people outside immediate friends and family that … Then ask your chosen person to: We’d also recommend letting the local police know you’re away; give them a contact number to reach you on just in case of emergency and let them know who will be keeping an eye on the house so they don’t mistake them for thieves.

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