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This is one of the best storytelling examples on this list. A study done by Komarkting Associates found that 51% of people think "thorough contact information" is the most important element missing from many b2b websites. A great About Us page can help tell your brand story, establish customer loyalty, and turn your bland ecommerce store into an well-loved brand icon. Uber has a simple story which it cleverly ties into the product with the title “Our Trip History.” They also list their “partners” first (partners are the Uber drivers), then their app team. /* change duration value to whatever you like */ overflow: visible; Since 1975, TravelStore has been committed to bringing our clients the best in value and quality travel arrangements. This is a great, concise page. Within the lines of text on Basecamp’s page lies some pretty hefty pieces of credibility: the founders wrote two books, one is a best seller; and also created the programming framework Ruby on Rails. However, the best part is probably their clear CTA at the bottom guiding the user to exactly the next section they want them to visit: the blog. div.gamesgen #game_filters button:last-child {} With simple, defined sections—all customer focused—they also have a very clear CTA at the end to get started with them as well. div.gamesgen .box img.infoicon {margin: 5px 0 0 0;} Intercom has created fun cartoon characters to supplement their page. Each have features you can learn and modify for your own site. “Unbounce Empowers You to Create Better Marketing Experiences.” This is a great, simple, customer-focused value proposition. To start with, let’s look at Wrightwood’s About Us page: a simple, text-centric approach to telling their story. We have taken a look at 50 different pages that excel. 2011 Year of birth of, our first version in Spanish, as spinoff of ... ready to be saved, shared and customized by choosing their text, size, color or background. Co všechny ty momenty, kdy jsi říkal, že máš odpovědi? We are billions of beautiful hearts. Use one of the three methods above to write a perfect summary of your brand's history, mission, and goals, and start turning browsers into loyal customers. .sr-only { It conveys the feeling that while they are great at their job, they are also just like you and me. The themes common to Scopely’s page are creativity and fun, which is what would it should be for a video game company. Their mantra of “client as a partner” encapsulates how they will work with you if you hire them. This page is broken into sections, and puts their team first. What about all the broken happy ever afters? Conveyed in the form of a letter to customers, it uses formatting and font sizes strategically to create variety with text instead of relying on other media types. They have a very inspirational video that outlines their mission, but the best part is the section of customer success stories that display credibility first hand. Use the About Us Page Generator or fill in the template below to have a professional-looking page in minutes. Our research combines two flourishing areas— The History of the Book and Digital Humanities —to form the first integrated research hub of its kind. -moz-transition-duration: 0.8s; The first is a simple paragraph that actually acts as a microcosm of a great page. Their fun corporate photos take the spotlight and their value prop is made super clear right off the bat. Name, [title, ie: CEO, Founder, etc.]. He is fascinated by the way people behave online and the types of content they consume. Like Stripe, Buffer also features their staff on almost 50% of their page. transition-property: transform, opacity; There are also some links to other pages, like their Careers page, which has a great video and call to action. We offer unparalleled choice, savings and reliability to consumers globally for a better phone experience. In 5 sentences, it has a mission statement, explains their value, tells a story, gives credibility through users, and ends with a call-to-action to sign up. Another beautifully designed page that hits on all the marks, Quip is “A San Francisco company committed to changing the way teams work and helping organizations work less dumb.” They cleverly guide the user through their story and company values with photos. So let's get started! Not only do they have the standard company history, but they also include the history of the Ghurka soldiers they're named after, a detailed dissection of their logo and in-depth information about their manufacturing. Why… Ecommerce store owners have plenty of options when it comes to photos, whether it's of the owner working on something related to the store, a product showcase photo, a combination of these elements or something else entirely that fits into the store's brand. Actually quite the opposite. Innovation and simplicity makes us happy: our goal is to remove any technical or financial barriers that can prevent business owners from making their own website. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. began in 2005. We like MailChimp’s page because of its simplicity. Do you have any questions about writing an About Us page? This final piece of information leaves a good taste in your mouth about the business. Another feature that stands out is a rotating images from their social media that gives a face to their company, and there’s even a bit about their work with charity in San Francisco. We're a hard working group that values impactful outcomes as much as we do the relationships that drive them.

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